After many conversations with John, it is safest to separate sovereign states from non-sovereign autonomous regions. I have visited 85 different sovereign states over the years and a total of 100 countries.

Sovereign states

Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Finland, Estonia, Russia, UK, US, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, South Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, China, Sweden, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Mexico, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Albania, Austria, France, Ecuador, Netherlands, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, Ireland, Ukraine, Moldova, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Vatican City, Slovenia, San Marino, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Malta, Cyprus, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Monaco, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Japan, Sri Lanka, Andorra, Romania, Jamaica, Bahamas.

Non-sovereign countries

Hong Kong, England, Puerto Rico, US virgin islands, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, Northern Ireland, Independent Republic of Uzupias, Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, Wales, the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Gibraltar, Scotland, Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Guernsey,Svalbard, Cayman Islands.



My Travel Milestones

1996 - first international travel (Hong Kong
1996 - first time crossing the equator
2004 - first around-the-world travel
2004 - reached 10 countries visited
2005 - first overland trans-continental trip (trans-Siberian railway)
2006 - first time being snowed on (Sweden in winter)
2006 - relocation to second continent (ex-pat in Seattle for three years)
2007 - reached six continents visited
2008 - dual citizenship recognised (Australian and United Kingdom)
2008 - reached 50 countries visited
2009 - relocation to third continent (Leuven and now Brussels, in Belgium)
2009 - reached 100 world heritage sites visited

2013 - reached 200 world heritage sites visited
2013 - qualify for "Travelers' Century Club"
2015 - reached 100 countries visited