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Geysers of the Old Faithful basin, Yellowstone



Old Faithful


Heron Lake, Wyoming


The Grand Tetons, Wyoming


Capitalism gone wrong

Capitalism has a lot going for it, but it also has failures. Most notably, it fails when it comes to delivering goods or services in a ubiquitous manner, so it fails the poorest in society. I would consider this to be another major failure:

Really? Why does a drink exist which is a combination of one of the worst beers ever invented, mixed with tomato and clam juice? Does the diversity of the market feed the most degenerate of urges?


Trump land

So we finally meet the elusive Trump voters, which clearly must exist but whom no-one seems to have met. In Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, a Trump voter gave us her opinion on Belgium and the EU:

Trump voter: “It’s a disaster, with Belgium ruling over Europe, telling them what to do”

James: “Actually, Belgium is a really small country and doesn’t have that much influence. It is just that the elected officials of each country meet in Brussels”

Trump voter: “Well, look at the mass exodus of people from Europe – it is a disaster”

James: “Huh? What mass exodus of people from Europe?”

Trump voter: “Millions of people are trying to escape Europe and come to America, and no one is trying to leave America, so clearly we are the best country in the world”

James: “Which country in Europe has millions of people fleeing it?”

Trump voter: “Syria. Europe is so bad that millions of people are leaving Syria and coming to America, and we need Christian morals in the presidency to stop them”

James: …

Then in Wyoming, we lunched in the Yankee Doodle Café, where everything was red, white and blue. The décor was pro-gun (“guns are welcome here!”, “21 reasons why a gun is better than a woman”) and anti-Obama (“only two people in history have had their own symbol, Hilter and Obama!”), and was a glimpse into the confused mind of someone who would be in an asylum in a more sane time and place. We ate our burgers and freedom fries and left in a hurry.


All the sights of Idaho

When we drove across the border to Idaho we stopped at a small tourism information office.

Me: We are driving to Lava Hot Springs. Is there anything to see on the way?

Tourism promoter: No

Me: Well, how about if we make a side-trip, say, 30 minutes or so?

Tourism promoter: Well, if you are willing to go an hour out of your way, there is the Monsanto plant. They have a magma pour down the slag heap at the phosphorous extraction plant, five times an hour, and a ‘captive’ geyser, where they artificially pump water into the sky at hourly intervals.

Me: Anything else?

Tourism promoter: No

Actually, Lava Hot Springs was actually quite nice. We spent a lazy afternoon at our bed and breakfast, where James grilled some steaks for dinner and we sampled the local beers, then the next morning we went for a dip in the hot Springs. Hayden was a little concerned that they were too hot at first, but we told him to blow on them and then he happily played pirate in the pools. 

"Captive Geyser" (aka, fake Geyser)

Monsanto slag heap


"Australian" lunch in Utah - Fosters beer fondue with pretzels. So bad - I should have gone the "Alice Springs quesadillas".

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