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Eurovision in Bratislava

We have taken up the tradition of going to small European capitals to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, and this year it was the turn of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.

Sadly, Eurovision has been losing it distinct flavour, and this year was the blandest yet. Where were the Scandinavian punk rockers or the Eastern European girl bands covered in glitter? Sure, we still have the British complaining that the contest is rigged against them (it probably isn't) as their recycled popstars do poorly, and Romania did submit a vampire-goth opera singer, but highlights were rare.

Fortunately we had good company and a cut little city to visit:


The only hiccup is that we might not be able to return, after I was repremanded by the waitor for making "excessively realistic bear noises" while reading books to Hayden. I must say, I do a very good bear noise - indeed, Hayden always comes to me when the story calls for a bear growl - and I don't appreciate the anti-bear sentiment.