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NATO accuses Muslim terrorists of using human shields

NATO has accused Muammar Gaddafi of using mosques as shields as his forces "systematically and brutally" attack the Libyan people. A NATO spokeswoman read out a statement of condemnation: "We are conducting operations with utmost care to avoid civilian casualties, but don't the terrorists realise that we have to bomb them if they attend Mosque". A NATO insider claims that they have seen this tactic before, "In Iraq the terrorists were inconsiderate enough to go home at night, forcing us to bomb residential neighbourhoods indiscriminately".

"These terrorists are such cowards, why don't they stand up like men and cluster in a nice open field so that our unmanned drones can bomb them?", one NATO General pondered. "These are evil terrorists, who kill innocent civilians during their crude attacks on our forces. This callous disregard for life justifies every response against them, even if it kills innocent civilians in the process."

A senior NATO official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that worrying reports were coming out of Libya that Gaddafi was using torture to extract information from the rebel forces. "Fortuntately we have captured several members of the Libyan army and are currently torturing them to extract information on whether these vile allegations are true."