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The international language

Travelling around central Asia, Hayden always had a keen eye out for a playground. Given the nod, he would run in, start climbing around, jump into games with the children. Whether it was playing leap-frog in a fancy mall in Kazakhstan or chasing each other around inside a yurt in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, all children speak an international language. The international language being, of course, Dinosaur. It typically only took a few minutes together before they were all roaring like dinosaurs and taking turns at eating or being eaten. There is probably an object lesson in there, like all kids share a common humanity, or perhaps all kids sharing a common desire to be a massive flesh-eating killing machine. Definitely one of those two.



Alamedin gorge

We hiked up through the gorgeous Alamedin gorge in Kyrgyzstan. The mountains were simply breathtaking and the weather was perfect for a hike. Hayden happily skipped up along the mountain path, following our gentle guide who stopped to move any flowers that had fallen along the path (she loved flowers, and was sad to think of other people standing on them). Near the top it was a struggle, and the view we had been hanging out for (a waterfall) was fairly dissapointing compared to the nice views down below. Fortunately our guide just laughed and told us about a field of wildflowers and marmots just a little further on, which was simply enchanting. Our day was rounded out by skipping tea in a yurt while Hayden made new friends with the local kids. Really one of my most perfect moments.