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Through the eyes of a baby

Just back from our great trip through the Balkans, I can only imagine those few moments that captured the imagination of Hayden:

Splashing everyone outside the mosque in Mostar

Eating chocolate ice-cream with daddy in Belgrade

Going for a good splash in Lake Ohrid

Playing with his new dinosaur toys in Pristina

Going around the merry-go-round six times in a row in Skopje


Gadime Caves

Just outside Prishtina is the 15km cave system of Gadima.

We are not entirely sure that our guide was actually a guide, since he didn't seem to know any geology and just walked around saying "this one looks like an elephant" (which suited Hayden just fine). When asked about crystals that go up instead of down, he just replied "gravity doesn't work on those crystals, so they grow the wrong way". 

This formation used to look like a hand making the peace sign, with two fingers upraised. The Kosovo Albanians started to call it the "V for Victory" symbol, so the Serbian police came in and sawed off one of the fingers, destroying the "victory" and creating their own message in retaliation. 



Prizren, "the only nice city in Kosovo"

Kosovo doesn't seem quite set up for tourism yet. We did finally find a tourist information office, but the guy there seemed rather surprised to see us and didn't have any maps and didn't know of any organised tours. The one piece of advice he did give was "visit Prizren, it is the only nice city in Kosovo". So we did. 

A nice little town centre, a stone bridge built in 1534, the grand Sinan Pasha Mosque and the World Heritage-listed Temple of Our Holy of Ljevish:

And then, Surprise Parade!


Birth of a nation

Kosovo is one of the youngest countries in the world, born in 2008 by unilateral declaration and still seeking global recognition of its status. 

US President Bill Clinton gets a lot of credit within Kosovo for NATO's role in stopping the ethnic cleansing of the country by Serbian forces, allowing it to later become an independent nation. Clinton had a major boulevard renamed in his honour and a large statue erected. Tony Blair, the force behind NATO acting, also has a boulevard renamed in his honour.  

The graffiti behind Clinton reads "No negotiation. Independence!"


Kosovo is calling you out on your service, Apple