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Visiting the World Dog Show

We were accompanied on our flight to Budapest by two elegant Chinese Crested Dogs, one Hairless and one Powderpuff. Their owners proudly told us that these were the Argentinian champions of the breed, flying to Budapest to compete in the World Dog Show. On our first day walking around Budapest we saw so many other championship dogs being taken for walks that we decided we would wisely invest our second day in the city in visiting the World Dog Show.

It was actually quite an interesting event. Vast numbers of quality dogs and puppies (sadly, the International Cat and Guinea Pig event was scheduled for after we left), and a collection of accompanying humans who really took dogging seriously. You could see the concentration on owners taking their dogs for a run on the dogwalk, the disappointment when their dogs were not selected, and the sheer joy when their dogs won a trophy. For one old gentleman his dog taking first prize was clearly the most important event in his life, as he couldn't stop pumping his fist in the air with elation, almost hugged the judge and practically had to be dragged away from the photo shoot at the end.

I am fairly sure that this lady won a trophy by sneaking in a couple of sheep and pretending they were dogs:


Lydia was so taken with the competition (especially the miniature Schnauzers) that she started to consider seriously getting into dogging herself, and was very pleased to see that Brussels will be hosting the 2016 European Dog Show!



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