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Waterfall diving in Grenada

We spent today in port at Grenada. We docked at the capital St George, where it was announced that no people wearing camouflage print would be allowed on the island. I am guessing this was either due to an enlightened sense of fashion on Grenada, or a legacy of the 1984 US invasion. We walked up to the old French built fortress (Fort George, built between 1706 and 1710) and looked down onto St George, which is a gorgeous harbour city. Most of the town is built up of low 19th century French and British colonial buildings, with a few tall churches standing out above the low skyline. Most of the churches are still roof-less after Hurricane Ivan damaged 90% of houses in Grenada in 2004. The largest structure we saw was the stadium built for the 2007 World Cup.

It was built by the Chinese government as a gift, but now the locals are complaining that the Chinese are getting concessions from the government for local contact work, which they are doing at half the price in half the time of local contractors. The Grenadan economy is still doing quite well so it is only grumbling, but it is interesting at how much influence China is building in the small countries around the world with soft power, while avoiding confrontation with the US.

We then drove inland into the rainforest of Grenada. We visited the Grand Etang Lake (a volcanic crater lake) and went on a walk to the Seven Sisters waterfalls, where several a few locals made a dangerous living by getting tips for jumping down the waterfalls.

The hike was really nice after a sedentary week, and Lydia went for a swim at the base of the waterfall. After the hike a little boy came up to Lydia and I and wanted us to take his photo, then he said it was his turn and he took my camera and went around saying "cheese" and clicking. He wasn't quite up to aiming the camera, so he ended up taking around a hundred photos of people's feet, it was very cute.

After our hike we walked around St George and had a roti for lunch (which was fantastic). We visited the spice stands by the harbour and just enjoyed the walk around the town. We also watched the ferry unload both cars and cows.

After we had to reboard we tried watching a movie under the stars (Transformers) but it was terrible. We saw the milk and cookies brigade (they wander around with a backpack full of milk and a basket of freshly-baked cookies then they use a squirt gun to fill up your glass with milk and give you a cookie to dunk it in). We then had a formal dinner and Lydia went to the onboard musical and champagne fountain, while I am having a quiet night.