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Alternative Copenhagen

We had an interesting day exploring the other side of Copenhagen. While most of the city is stylish Danish design, Christiania is an anarchist haven that declared independence from Denmark in 1971. The ~850 citizens of Christiania are a mix of hippies, druggies and anarchists (or a mixture of each), and the occupation of prime real-estate in the centre of Copenhagen causes controversy. Overall though, it is an interesting community to walk through, serves as a haven for those with no place in society and is surely a major improvement over the homelessness and social isolation that this population is forced into in other cities. I'm sure that Christiania actually saves the government a lot of money through crime reduction and social benefits.

A wishing tree installed by Yoko Ono. Most of the wishes were for world peace or such, but this guy just wanted a really big yacht.

A fantastic twist on street food, with an old warehouse converted to house food trucks.

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