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North Sea Canal

Taking the Disney Magic through the North Sea Canal was a fascinating experience. The IJ drains into the North Sea here, but the sea level is above the polders, so a lock is required to allow ships to sail through without flooding half of Holland. We entered the canal, with our ship nearly at the maximum dimensions possible, before the river-side lock was raised. The sea-side lock slowly let water in, and over the course of an hour our ship slowly rose up to sea level. After we sailed out the largest water pumps in Europe dropped the water level in the canal down to river level again before opening the river-side lock. A marvel of engineering, especially when considering it was built 100 years ago, and the engineering does not stop at the ocean - a deep trench, the IJgeul, is required to get ships out to where the ocean is deep enough.

Watertower of IJmuiden, seen from the North Sea Canal

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