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Sometimes the questions Hayden asks reveal how much knowledge we take for granted. Last night we went out for a great Italian dinner after a full day exploring the Kennedy Space Centre. "Sweet home Alabama" was playing, and Hayden asked "which movie is this from?". We suddenly released that, never playing music in our house, Hayden was assuming that all songs were from movies, like his favourite Vaiana songs. He goes to music camp a few times a year, and learns songs every week at school, so he is exposed to music, just not in the professional format.

Then this morning, Hayden was watching cartoons in bed. He told me, "I think the people here know that little ones like TV, so they put a TV in the little one's bedroom". Hayden has his own iPad, he watches YouTube videos with Lydia and we go out to the movies quite often, but he has probably only watched TV a few times at a friend's house. So this morning when he asked how to pause the TV so he could go potty, it makes perfect sense that he wouldn't know how TVs are different from an iPad.

From Hayden's perspective, of course, he sees the opposite. Yesterday many people came up to him and said he was an astronaut. He carefully explained to them all that he was not a real astronaut, not assuming that people would know. He then comes and laughs to us, "Mummy/Daddy, that person thought I was a real astronaut!"

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