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Americans, please vote for Hillary Clinton

Next week the world's super-power gets to vote. Americans can choose to vote for Hillary Clinton, and continue the course as a normal democratic country, with incremental improvements to the lives of millions. Or Americans can choose to vote for Donald Trump, and embrace a white supremist movement that want to burn their own houses down in rage. Please, Americans, get out a vote. Hillary doesn't just need to win, she needs to demolish Trump, otherwise this deplorable specter will raise its head again and again until it breaks through. This is not a normal election. This is an event that you will need to be able to explain to your grandchildren, to be able to look them in the eye and say "I did everything I could to stop it".

I personally find Hillary Clinton inspiring. For those who don't like it, fine, but as to the choice between Clinton and Trump, Seth Meyers says it best:

When put like that, it is a pretty easy choice, which is when pretty much every leading economist, security expert, environmentalist, past-President, Nobel Prize winning scientist and just plan expert has endorsed Hillary. And it is a choice between Trump and Clinton, don't get cute about voting for a third party. Johnson and Stein are crackpots. As John Oliver says, "you are picking the lesser of four evils", and anything other than a vote for Clinton will enable Trump to become President:

Please, don't screw this up.

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