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Ingress obsessed

For those who don't play, Ingress is an addictive game where you visit statues and monuments and log the entry into your phone, building up small fields of links for one of the two teams (blue and green). There are a lot of active players, and anything you build up can get torn down in hours or even minutes. While admitting to being moderately obsessed myself, others take this to extreme. Recently the green team in Belgium sent out squads to the different theme parks across Belgium and using an elaborate strategy they managed to create a field of links covering all of Brussels (and half of Flanders) just before the theme parks closed for the year. Of course the blue team couldn't let this this stand, and within hours they had broken into the park just to take down this virtual field. The whole operation took dozens of people many hours of planning and a full day for the execution, and the result only lasted about half an hour:

So just imagine how much creative energy and person-hours went into creating this:

Really, it is amazing what people chose to do with their time, and just how obsessed people can become about their hobbies. But I guess that is what life is for? Spending it on past-times that give you happiness.

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