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Are all homeopaths evil?

This homeopath, who "diagnosed" fake cancers and then used alternative medicine to rape patients while pretending to cure the clearly evil:m

[One] victim, who had experience of and was interested in alternative therapies, told the court that Mr Gill had examined her internally before telling her she had cancer and that he could "get rid of most of it today".

He then inserted an instrument inside her which gave her electric shocks. The court was told that after 20 minutes Mr Gill removed the machine and he and Mrs Gill rubbed oil on her chest before using another machine on the same area.

Initially the victim had told police that she didn't think Mr Gill was getting any sexual gratification but she later said his heavy breathing suggested he was.

This guy goes beyond contemptible, even for a homeopath, but it does raise the question as to whether there are any good homeopaths. Obviously the science is clear - homeopathy is a sham - and it is also clear that being encouraged to take homeopathy instead of actual medicine is causing harm. But what I wonder is whether the homeopaths causing this harm have good but misguided intentions, or whether they are all con-artists, preying on the gullible. [In the case above, which belief is the more gullible, a) you need a man to suck your nipples every day to cure your cancer; or b) you need to drink this vial of pure water with no a molecule of active ingredient to cure your cancer?]

I guess it would be nice to assume that on the whole homeopaths are well-meaning people who just have no clue about the scientific method or medicine and honestly believe that they are helping rather than causing harm. But if that was the case, shouldn't we see lots of homeopaths out there trying to bring their cures to the world? Where is "Homeopaths Without Borders"? Where are the homeopaths volunteering to work in prisons? No "Flying Homeopaths"? No homeopaths working in the forgotten tribes that have no medical care? Pharmaceutical companies are not known for their altruism, but drugs that are off-patent typically have a profit margin of less than 10%, and most of the larger companies provide discounted drugs to the least-developed countries. By contrast, the profit margin of homeopathic "drugs" is nearly 100%, so if homeopaths honestly thought their drugs worked, wouldn't they be dropping their prices to reach out to the masses?

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Since you asked:

Flying in and getting in the way of real healthcare disaster areas worldwide.

You should also check out Martin Robbins' piece in the Guardian about homeopaths "curing" AIDS and Malaria in Africa. Chilling.

April 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMedtek

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