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Day four on the train. Day two we passed through the Ural mountains, officially crossing from Europe to Asia. We got to hop off twice for twenty minutes, where I ran around saying 'be-ez me-asa, niet me-asa", trying to find vegetarian food. I had a pastry with egg, potato and coriander.

Second stop had only dried fish.

One the second night we had our Chapka party. We all dressed up in bad Russian hats we had bought, and drank huge amounts of vodka. All the Russians on the train started laughing at us, especially when we filled the corridor for a photo, or went to the restaurant cart.

We kept on teasing Luke for calling the Urals one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world (we didn't even notice crossing them) and for talking about the grand Volga. Managed to get away from drunk Russian firemen with some difficulty.

Woke up on day three to the da-de da-dut of the train. Spent almost the entire day semi-asleep in bed, just dreaming.

We passed through Omsk, the closest I will ever get to Kazakhstan, and also the place where Dostoevsky was exiled.

Small party, the Russian lady in the cabin next door had her 40th birthday party and wanted everyone to join in. Even the provinista's crammed into the small cabin.

Day four. Deep into Siberia now. May not be able to sleep without the motion and clicking tomorrow night. More steppe. More taiga.

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