I am one of those people naive enough to use my real name for everything I write on the internet, so I will make no pretence to privacy here.

My name is Adrian Liston. I am an Australian/British/Belgian tri-national now living in Belgium. I am an immunologist, trained first at Adelaide University, then getting my PhD at the Australian National University. I spent three years as a post-doc in Seattle, USA, before moving to Belgium in 2009. Now I am a professor at the VIB in Leuven.

I love the creativity of science, debating religion and politics, travelling, and most of all my wife Lydia and my son Hayden.

For anyone interested in the map on the banner of my website, it is the fragment of the fantastic Tabula Peutingeriana which includes Brussels. The Tabula Peutingeriana is the only surviving map of the Roman road network. The parchment, 6.75 metres long and 0.34 metres high, distorts geography to show cities based on distance along the Roman highway, rather than geographical distance (like a modern Metro map). A reproduction of the map lies in the European Union headquarters in Brussels.